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Top Console Car Racing Games |2024

Car Racing Games For Consoles

Are you ready to experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of speed from the comfort of your living room? Car racing games for consoles put YOU in the driver’s seat, offering an exhilarating journey through virtual tracks and heart-pounding competitions. Imagine sleek cars, roaring engines, and stunning landscapes—all at your fingertips. These games bring the excitement of high-octane races directly to your gaming console, whether it’s the intricate realism of simulation games or the fast-paced action of arcade-style adventures. Get ready to rev your engines and dive into a world where every turn, every drift, and every victory counts.

Car racing games for consoles offer an immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience, catering to enthusiasts of speed and competition. Let’s delve into a selection of ten remarkable titles, each offering a unique thrill and gaming experience.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

At the forefront of family-friendly racing, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch transcends generations with its vibrant tracks, whimsical characters, and delightful power-ups. This installment offers an addictive multiplayer experience, making it a go-to choice for group gaming sessions filled with laughter and friendly competition.

Crash Team Racing:

Nostalgia meets high-speed competition in Crash Team Racing, combining intense races with the beloved characters from the Crash Bandicoot series. With an array of challenging tracks and power-ups, this game delivers an adrenaline-fueled adventure for players seeking a blend of skill and excitement.

Car Racing Games For Consoles

Forza Horizon 4:

Step into the dynamic open world of Forza Horizon 4, a visually stunning masterpiece available on Xbox consoles and PC. This installment introduces changing seasons that dynamically alter the landscape, offering diverse terrains and a vast collection of cars to explore the beautiful, ever-evolving environment.

Wipeout Omega Collection:

Wipeout Omega Collection takes players to the future with its adrenaline-charged anti-gravity racing experience. Available exclusively on PlayStation, it boasts visually striking circuits and breakneck speeds, delivering an out-of-this-world gaming thrill.

Project Cars 2:

For the avid racing enthusiast seeking realism and challenge, Project Cars 2 is a pinnacle choice. With its realistic physics, dynamic weather conditions, and an extensive range of racing disciplines, this game offers an immersive and authentic driving experience.

Assetto Corsa Competizione:

Precision and authenticity define Assetto Corsa Competizione, providing players with an ultra-realistic racing experience. Its focus on precise handling, detailed tracks, and authentic racing atmospheres caters to those seeking unparalleled realism in their gameplay.

Forza Motorsport 7:

Forza Motorsport 7, another gem in the Forza series, is a showcase of meticulous detail. With its wide array of cars and tracks, stunning graphics, and immersive simulation, it captivates racing enthusiasts looking for a true-to-life experience.


The official Formula 1 game brings the intensity and strategy of real-life Formula 1 racing to your console. It features authentic circuits, strategic gameplay, and competitive multiplayer, providing an adrenaline rush for Formula 1 aficionados.

Dirt Rally 2.0:

Dirt Rally 2.0 sets the stage for an ultimate off-road racing challenge. With its diverse terrains and unforgiving tracks, this game demands precision and mastery of driving skills, offering a thrilling experience for rally racing enthusiasts.

Grand Turismo Sport:

Grand Turismo Sport sets the standard for racing realism on PlayStation consoles. Its meticulous attention to detail in cars and tracks, stunning visuals, and a focus on competitive online play make it a standout choice for serious racing gamers.

Types of Car Racing Games Available

1. Arcade Racing Games

  • Features: Emphasize high-speed action, power-ups, and simplified driving mechanics.
  • Examples: “Mario Kart” series, “Burnout,” and “Need for Speed: Most Wanted.”

2. Simulation Racing Games

  • Features: Focus on realistic driving physics, vehicle customization, and accurate race tracks.
  • Examples: “Gran Turismo,” “Forza Motorsport,” and “Assetto Corsa.”

3. Open-World Racing Games

Car Racing Games For Consoles

  • Features: Offer expansive open worlds for exploration and racing freedom.
  • Examples: “Forza Horizon,” “The Crew,” and “Test Drive Unlimited.”

4. Formula Racing Games

  • Features: Centered around Formula 1 or other specific racing series, capturing the essence of professional racing.
  • Examples: “F1” series, “Project CARS,” and “Assetto Corsa Competizione.”

Top Console Racing Games of All Time

1. “Gran Turismo” Series (PlayStation)

  • Known for its realistic simulation, extensive car roster, and attention to detail.

2. “Forza Motorsport” Series (Xbox)

  • Renowned for its stunning graphics, diverse car collection, and simulation accuracy.

3. “Mario Kart” Series (Nintendo)

  • Loved for its accessibility, fun gameplay, and iconic characters in a vibrant setting.

4. “Need for Speed” Series (Multi-platform)

  • Offers high-speed action, customization, and thrilling police chases across various titles.

5. “F1” Series (Multi-platform)

  • Captures the essence of Formula 1 racing with authenticity and precision.

The Future of Car Racing Games for Consoles

1. Enhanced Realism

  • Expect even more realistic physics, graphics, and immersive experiences with advancements in console technology.

2. Virtual Reality Integration

  • VR integration might become more prevalent, offering unparalleled immersion and a true-to-life racing experience.

3. Cross-Platform Play and Shared Experiences

  • More games might embrace cross-platform play, enabling players across different consoles to race against each other.

4. Evolving Online Communities

  • Continued growth of online communities, esports, and live events could further enhance the competitive aspect of racing games.
  • Car Racing Games For Consoles

Console-Specific Racing Experiences

1. PlayStation Exclusives

  • “Gran Turismo” series remains a hallmark of realistic simulation.
  • Titles like “Driveclub” offer diverse racing experiences.

2. Xbox Exclusives

  • “Forza Motorsport” and “Forza Horizon” franchises provide top-tier simulation and open-world racing respectively.

3. Nintendo Exclusives

  • “Mario Kart” series combines arcade-style racing with beloved Nintendo characters and inventive tracks.

4. Multi-platform Titles

  • Games like “Need for Speed,” “F1,” and “Assetto Corsa” offer multi-platform experiences catering to a wide audience.

As technology advances and gaming preferences evolve, the world of car racing games for consoles continues to expand, offering diverse and thrilling experiences for racing enthusiasts of all kinds.


Car racing games on consoles offer thrilling, diverse experiences, from the high-speed chaos of “Mario Kart” to the realism of “Gran Turismo” and the open-world freedom of “Forza Horizon.” Future innovations promise even greater realism and immersive play, with VR integration and cross-platform gaming on the horizon. Each console’s unique exclusives and multi-platform titles cater to a wide audience, ensuring the adrenaline rush of racing remains a staple in gaming for years to come.


What is the best game console for car racing?

Selecting the best game console for car racing often depends on personal preferences and specific requirements. Several consoles offer fantastic experiences tailored to racing enthusiasts. Among the top contenders are:

PlayStation 5 (PS5): Known for its powerful hardware, the PS5 delivers exceptional graphics and performance. Titles like Gran Turismo showcase the console’s capabilities, offering immersive racing experiences.

Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s flagship console also boasts impressive hardware, providing high-quality visuals and smooth gameplay. Forza Motorsport and other racing titles offer realism and engaging gameplay.

PC Gaming: A well-equipped gaming PC provides unparalleled customization options and graphics fidelity. With a vast library of racing games and the ability to upgrade hardware, PC gaming offers flexibility.

Ultimately, the “best” console for car racing depends on factors like exclusive game titles, preferred controller feel, online multiplayer experience, and budget. Considering these factors and personal preferences can help in selecting the ideal console for an exhilarating car racing gaming experience.

Is Forza Horizon on PS4?

No, Forza Horizon is not available on the PlayStation 4 (PS4). It’s an exclusive title developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studios, primarily for the Xbox series of consoles and Windows platforms. The Forza Horizon series, including Forza Horizon 4 and subsequent titles, is not compatible with the PS4.

Is Forza a car game?

Yes, Forza is indeed a car game. It’s a popular racing video game series known for its emphasis on realistic driving mechanics, diverse car collections, and various racing environments. Players engage in different types of races, from street circuits to off-road tracks, showcasing a wide range of cars across different eras and performance levels. The Forza series is well-regarded for its attention to detail in car modeling, handling, and its overall immersive racing experience.

Which console is for sim racing?

When it comes to sim racing, the choice of console depends on various factors. Here are considerations for selecting the ideal console:

Performance: For a realistic simulation experience, opt for consoles with robust hardware capabilities. Both the PlayStation and Xbox series offer powerful performance suitable for sim racing.

Exclusive Titles: Look into the exclusive sim racing titles available on each console. PlayStation often hosts titles like Gran Turismo, known for its authentic simulation, while Xbox features the Forza series, equally revered in the sim racing community.

Controller Compatibility: Consider compatibility with sim racing accessories. Xbox tends to have more extensive compatibility with various racing wheels and peripherals.

Online Experience: Multiplayer and online features play a crucial role. Both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live offer robust online communities, but the quality of the multiplayer experience may vary.

User Interface and Customization: Evaluate the user interface and customization options. Both consoles provide decent customization, but personal preference might sway the choice.

Cost: The cost of the console and additional peripherals should align with your budget. Xbox Series S, for instance, is more affordable compared to other versions.

Future Updates and Support: Consider the future updates and ongoing support from the manufacturers. Both PlayStation and Xbox ensure continuous improvement and support for sim racing titles.

Ultimately, the best console for sim racing depends on individual preferences, budget, and the specific features that resonate most with your gaming style and needs.

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